Our Approach

We work with a network of experts to put in place the framework and capacity needed to get things done.

Our practical support helps organizations to bridge the gap between their vision for a better future and their ability to achieve it. We do this by strengthening the Organization’s capacity to deliver effective programs.

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Monitoring and Evaluation

It is increasingly important that M&E is understood better, communicated with simple language and conducted in a coordinated and sustainable manner which generates information that can be used easily.

UNANGO are adept at determining what programs do or do not work, monitoring progress towards achieving targets and ensuring accountability.These objectives are crucial in any work undertaken by NGOs and international agencies

Capacity Building

Frequently impeded by lack of funds, personnel, skills and leadership, some organizations are successful at meeting some needs, but may want to increase their services or their scope to better serve beneficiaries and achieve lasting results, or to simply do things more effectively.

To achieve this, organizations need to build their capacity.

Global Fund Grants

In these difficult times and with threatened cuts in international development budgets, there is pressure on the Fund to improve its oversight mechanisms. More transparency and accountability will be required from recipients in countries.

UNANGO can provide guidance based on local needs.


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